Paul Wall & Baby Bash – The Legalizers: Legalize Or Die, Vol. 1 – Download


Artista: Paul Wall & Baby Bash
Álbum: The Legalizers: Legalize Or Die, Vol. 1
Lançamento: 17/04/2016
Formato: MP3 (192 kbps)


  1. Smoke & Fly (Skit) f. Baby Bash
  2. Legalize f. Baby Bash Marty Obey, Dat Boi T
  3. Cherry Pie & OG Kush f. Baby Bash, Scoop Deville
  4. My Pack tha Loudest f. Baby Bash, Beatking, Slim Thug
  5. It’s Ironic f. Baby Bash, Roosh Williams
  6. California’s FInest f. Baby Bash, Baeza, Fingazz
  7. Smoke with Cypress Hill f. Baby Bash, Berner
  8. Hotboxin’ the Van f. Baby Bash, Marcus Manchild
  9. Cookie Pack f. Baby Bash, GT Garza, Lil Raider
  10. Tattoos on Her Side f. Baby Bash, Kiotti
  11. Bubble and Ball f. Baby Bash, Berner, Lucky Luciano, Lil Evil
  12. Mind Blown  f. Baby Bash, Lucky Luciano, Dat Boi T
  13. Boppers on My Nutz f. Baby Bash
  14. Gelato f. Baby Bash, Mr. Criminal
  15. Blow Down Cru f. Baby Bash
  16. Buddah Love f. Baby Bash, Berner, Pony Boy


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