DMX – Redemption Of The Beast – Download


Artista: DMX
Álbum: Redemption Of The Beast
Lançamento: 13/01/2015
Formato: MP3 (192 kbps)


  1. Lookin’ Without Seein’ (Intro)
  2. What They Don’t Know
  3. Cold World (featuring Andreena Mill)
  4. I Don’t Dance (featuring MGK)
  5. Sucka for Love (featuring Dani Stevenson)
  6. I Get Scared (featuring Rachel Taylor)
  7. Slippin’ Again
  8. Prayer (Skit)
  9. I’m Back
  10. Have You Eva
  11. Get Your Money Up
  12. Head Up
  13. Frankenstein
  14. Ya’ll Don’t Really Know
  15. I Got Your Back (featuring Kashmere)
  16. No Love (featuring Adreena Mills)
  17. Already


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