Camp Lo – On The Way Uptown – Download

On the Way Uptown

Artista: Camp Lo
Álbum: On The Way Uptown
Lançamento: 23/12/2016
Formato: MP3 (192 kbps)


  1. Sugar Streets
  2. Coolie High Is Life
  3. Short Eyes
  4. Camp Lo (Bust Ya Down)
  5. World Heist
  6. Hollywood At the Disco
  7. Superfly
  8. Bubblin’
  9. A Piece of the Action
  10. Crystals & Istols
  11. This Is It (Luchini) (Sedgwick Ave. Demo)
  12. Sparkle (110th St. Demo)
  13. Say Word
  14. Krystal Karrington (Demo)
  15. Get It Inta You (feat. Jungle Brown)
  16. Black Connection (110th St. Demo)
  17. Coolie High Gotcha Wide (Demo)
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