2 Live Crew – The Real One – Download

The Real One

Artista: 2 Live Crew
Álbum: The Real One
Lançamento: 07/04/1998
Formato: MP3 (192 kbps)


  1. Intro
  2. 2 Live Is Here
  3. 2 Live Party (featuring KC of KC & the Sunshine Band and Freak Nasty)
  4. Freaks Inherit the Earth
  5. Freak Ho
  6. Take It Off
  7. Don’t Get Busted by a Texas Ranger
  8. Bottle and a Blunt (featuring Luniz)
  9. The Real One (featuring Ice-T)
  10. Come on, Get Up And
  11. Shake Your Pants
  12. Playa Hatas
  13. Bring That Money to Me
  14. Raise the Roof (featuring Verb)
  15. It’s Time
  16. World Famous
  17. Show You a Shot
  18. On Top of Ol’ Rachelle
  19. Call Me
  20. Ay Papi
  21. Ride with Me (Bottom Style) (feat. Rufftown Mob, composed of Madball & Uzi of the Poison Clan)


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